Monte Velho Branco 2011

Winery: Herdade do Esporão
Grape Varieties: AntãoVaz / Roupeiro / Perrum
Harvest: 2009
Region: Alentejo
Aroma: Fruity aromas of citrus and peaches.
Palate: This is a very honest, consistent wine that displays typical
Alentejo density and concentration, yet is balanced with good acidity and has a
lovely floral nose. The wine is made from Perrum, Antaovaz and Roupeiro. These
varieties are popular in the Alentejo and work well together. AntaoVaz is a
premium variety that has lime and citrus aromas and good acidity. Roupeiro is
lighter with floral and citrus tones and also tends to display some tropical,
especially pineapple aromas and flavours in the warmer Alentejo. Perrum has good
acidity and often displays a lovely minerality which adds to the complexity of
the blend. A great value wine.